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Shipping from Dalian to Melbourne

Shipping from Dalian to Melbourne, packaged price includes following services:

  1. Sea freight shipping from Dalian port to Melbourne port.
  2. Melbourne port charges.
  3. Customs clearance.
  4. Delivery to Melbourne metro area.

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1. Displayed price for first cbm, additional charges applicable to cargo more than 1cbm up to 3cbm. Cargo more than 3cbm, please contact us for a quote.
2. Price applicable to FOB term shipment, additional charges applicable to EXW term shipment.
3. Price in Australia dollar, excludes 10% GST and customs taxes (duty & GST).
4. Standard all day delivery to metro area, customer to unload from truck. Additional charges applicable to out of metro delivery.
5. Jetbox Logistics is not a common carrier. We recommend that you insure your goods at all times as a responsible owner.

China import made easy by Jetbox Logistics

With offices in Australia and China we completely understand the market and shipping needs for the two countries. Our business has successfully undertaken several projects and ensured timely and safe delivery. Our China import services are professional and competent. We provide skillful shipping from Dalian to Melbourne. We offer packaged all-in price to all our customers and completely manage and take responsibility from origin to destination. Our structured process and methodical managing ensures reduced prices and guaranteed results.

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We ensure a hassle free, convenient and reliable experience for all our customers. The logistics market is competitive and we constantly strive to better our services and enhance our work. We keep at pace with the changing needs and growing demands in the market. We are well updated with the newest ways and methods included in the logistics business. China import is handled by many but not understood and delivered with proficiency by all. It is a task that needs to be carefully implemented and Jetbox Logistics we guarantee the same!

We assist in smooth running of your business by providing expert shipping and logistics. Affordable prices and guaranteed results make Jetbox Logistics one of the leaders in the shipping business. We make China import easy, hassle free and convenient.