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About Jetbox Logistics

Australia and China are major business hubs. Everyday numerous international shipping requirements between the two countries make it a busy and growing market. Shipping business involves tremendous effort, organizing, planning and proper implementation. It is definitely not an easy task and only the experts must be trusted for the job.

China import made easy by Jetbox Logistics


Jetbox Logistics is a well established company with expertise in International Shipping. With offices in Australia and China we completely understand the market and shipping needs for the two countries. Our business has successfully undertaken several projects and ensured timely and safe delivery. Our China import services are professional and competent.

We provide skillful shipping / importing from any port in China (Shanghai, Ningbo, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dalian, Qingdao, Tianjin, Xiamen) to any port in Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Fremantle). We offer all-in low cost shipping for all our customers and completely manage and take responsibility from origin to your door. Our structured process and methodical managing ensures reduced prices and guaranteed results.

China import with flexible shipping method

Choose from different shipping packages- port to door, port to port, door to door, or door to port. Each of these packages, based on individual need, is handled by a team of efficient and skilled professionals. Depending on our customer’s budget and time limit, we assist in choosing the right option. We understand the need for right packaging and high quality to safeguard the goods and deliverables. At our end, we also take care of customs clearance to avoid unnecessary delays and hassles. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority and we take complete responsibility for the shipment.

China import with promises!


We ensure a hassle free, convenient and reliable experience for all our customers. The logistics market is competitive and we constantly strive to better our services and enhance our work. We keep at pace with the changing needs and growing demands in the market. We are well updated with the newest ways and methods included in the logistics business. China import is handled by many but not understood and delivered with proficiency by all. It is a task that needs to be carefully implemented and Jetbox Logistics we guarantee the same!

We assist in smooth running of your business by providing expert shipping and logistics. Affordable prices and guaranteed results make Jetbox Logistics one of the leaders in the shipping business. We make China import easy, hassle free and convenient.


To make Jetbox Logistics a brand name recognised by Australia importers as a value for money shipping partner from China to Australia.


  1. Customer satisfaction as our priority.
  2. Promote Jetbox Logistics brand to be known by Australia importers.
  3. Market Jetbox Logistics brand as a value for money shipping partner.
  4. Utilise latest technology to increase efficiency in shipping processes.
  5. Actively seek creative ways to minimise or abolish any unnecessary costs.